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South Florida Vapor Blasting & Sandblasting Services

Hartzell Painting Contractors provide professional sandblasting and vapor blasting to our commercial, industrial and residential clients throughout South Florida. Our surface preparation services are performed by specialists trained in cleaning and surface prep methods, including vapor honing and media blasting. We offer both paint and coating stripping processes to cover a variety of restoration projects. After inspecting your project, our blasting specialists will determine which cleaning approach, aggressive or gentle, is required. In some cases, both methods are necessary to complete the job thoroughly without damaging the restoration surfaces or surrounding materials.

Surface Restoration Blasting Service

Wet Blasting & Dry Media Blasting Experts

Abrasive/Non-Abrasive Cleaning & Surface Prep

By offering both aggressive and non-aggressive media cleaning methods, we are able to remove rust, corrosion, surface imperfections and old paints or coatings from a broader range of surfaces. We offer in-house and mobile media blasting services, allowing us to easily handle both small and large jobs. Our wet and dry surface cleaning process removes paint and contaminants faster and more affordably than laser, chemical or other stripping methods. Paint and powder coating products adhere much more effectively to surfaces that are professionally prepared by sandblasting or vapor blasting.

Sandblasting Services

We offer sandblasting as a fast and effective method of surface preparation, cleaning and finishing materials that require a more aggressive approach. Media blasting is an excellent choice for challenging removals like stripping paint and contaminants from cement, pavement, metal surfaces and structures, and commercial and industrial equipment.

The process involves propelling abrasive particles at high velocity onto a surface to remove rust, paint, scale, grim and other contaminants. Sandblasting is widely used in industrial, commercial and residential restoration projects to achieve smooth, clean surfaces essential for adhesions of coatings.

Vapor Blasting Services

If you have delicate materials needing resurfacing and require a gentle touch, we can help. Hartzell Painting offers vapor-assisted blasting for delicate surfaces requiring a gentler, more controlled approach to cleaning and resurfacing. Also known as vapor honing or wet blasting, less abrasive media is combined with water, effectively reducing dust and heat generation.

Sensitive, easily damaged materials, such as aluminum, brass, antique finishes and wood, require a more delicate method than traditional sandblasting. Because wet blasting results in less airborne dust, there’s less mess and cleanup. It’s also a safer and healthier option for those working in the area.

Hartzell Painting Offers Professional Grime, Paint & Coating Removal

Since 1948, Hartell Painting Contractors has provided South Florida clients with specialized services Wet and dry blasting requires vigorous training and high-quality equipment to properly complete surface cleaning, stripping and finishing. We do not recommend attempting media blasting as a DIY project.

Our professional abrasive and non-abrasive removal methods leave surfaces prepped and ready for applications like electrostatic, powder coating, and traditional painting methods. We offer professional electrostatic painting to complement our resurfacing and coat removal services.

Our sandblasting and vapor blasting services include:

  • Blasts Away Paint and Rust
  • Cleans Concrete Areas
  • Prepares Surfaces for Coating Processes
  • Revitalizes Bricks and Stones
  • Removes Carbon Buildup and Oxidation
  • Clears Away Contaminants

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With the latest equipment and training, we are equipped to safely handle any size blasting project, from large structural jobs to small household projects.

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